Video Marketing for Startups

By: Nikita Patel

Explainer videos, marketing videos and commercials have proved successful for all companies, from small startups to huge corporations. Here are some reasons to include video in your marketing platform for your startup!



1.     Videos help build trust and credibility

If you are a startup, you are most likely in search of funds from various investors. In order to capture the attention of potential customers and investors it is important to provide evidence you have a successful company. Video can provide tangible evidence that your company is doing well. A good quality video can also demonstrate you have the resources and funding to spend on marketing.

2.     Insight into your startup culture and CEO

Every company is different and video marketing allows companies to share their uniqueness. The tone or theme of you video can really help your audience get a sense of not only what your company stands for but also you.

3.     Allows you to control the message of your company

What does your company stand for? Video marketing is the perfect place to answer this question because you are in charge of how your company is perceived.

4.     Engaging many types of customers

Video marketing can help attract many customers because it is such a universal platform. Not only can babies watch and be engaged with video but it also allows those “lazy” customers to watch and learn what your company has to offer.

5.     Online visibility and social shares

Video and online video have become synonymous; all video can now be shared via the Internet at the touch of a finger. Having online presence cannot only attract more customers but also increases the amount of people engaging with your company.

Video marketing and advertising has become accessible and affordable and can greatly impact your company’s success. These are only 5 reasons why you should prioritize video marketing in your business!