Just Photoshop it.


By: Nikita Patel

Girl 1: My chin looks sooo big in this picture.

Girl 2: Who cares? Just Photoshop it. It’s so easy you can do it on this app.

We have become accustomed to a world of filters and editing that it is now second nature to alter the way we look.

Everything from political campaigns to product packaging has been altered somehow. There are three main positions people take on the digital enhancing debate.

1) Digital enhancing of any published image should not be allowed.

2) Digitally enhancing published images should be allowed

3) Digitally enhancing published images should be allowed if they come with a warning label.

Those against the issue say photoshopping and enhancing photos can cause unrealistic expectations that can ultimately lead to eating disorders and problems with self-esteem. Multiple celebrities have shown their distaste with digital enhancing including Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt and Gigi Hadid, who have opted to not be retouched in any way.

While some say digitally enhancing photos cause unrealistic body images others argue there is no correlation between enhancing photos and mental and physical well-being. Multiple eating disorder specialists and doctors have commented on the subject and have even written books discussing the lack of correlation. Some go as so far as to say using this newfound technology should not be thrown away, but utilized.

Finally, some people believe that digitally altering photos can be allowed, but with a warning message—“Retouched photograph aimed at changing a person’s physical appearance.” This idea was first suggested by a French Parliament member, but did not go over easy with the French government. The government took it as taking away creative power - not as a simple informative warning message.

Whatever side you take on the issue, it is important to discuss and inform your thoughts. In a society ruled by blemish removal and cropping, knowing all sides of the issues at stake can educate society on the impact of digital enhancing published images.

So…what side do you take?