Luminoustudios Featured Among Top Video Production Companies

It’s hard to imagine a day without video. Whether on a smartphone, a computer, or walking around in the “real world”, consumers are constantly faced with informative, entertaining or promotional videos. This engaging marketing channel has started to replace the traditional copy and still images.

It’s no wonder that businesses are relying on video production companies to help them get their messages across. At Luminoustudios, we’re lucky to work with some amazing clients on their narrative, explainer, crowdfunding, testimonial, and animation videos. Recently, our hard work has started to pay off!


Showcasing Dreams

We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a nonprofit that helps young people across the country discover their ambition. When this nonprofit ran their summer IT camp for technology and coding, they decided to produce a video that showcased the student experience.

“We wanted a studio production team that could provide a lot of those resources and do a lot of the leg work, but they also needed to work with us in understanding our narrative.”

We were thrilled that we could fit their needs.


Making Voices Heard

We helped our partner develop storyboards and scripts that would share their narrative. Focusing on a single student, we identified several moments in the camp that we wanted to capture, and we walked our partner through our vision.


Spreading the Message

We’re excited to report that the video was a highlight for our client, our client’s partner, and the students. In the words of our client:

“One of the things [our partner] talked about was how happy they were with our choice of focusing on one student and their progress throughout the program, rather than just day-to-day activities. They were impressed with being able to really hear that student’s voice because it was important to them that they could communicate at large and with their internal colleagues about the value of their work.”


Working Together:

 For our team, it’s about more than the end result. We love to keep our partners happy throughout our work together, and it seems we achieved that:

 “There’s a baseline in any production studio that hiring a good team is important. The camera people need to be creative, dedicated, and really focused on their work. Luminoustudios provides all of this, and they also have all the foundational elements needed to succeed.”

It was a thrill to work with such a purposeful client, and we couldn’t be more grateful of their kind words about our work. These comments and more are a part of our Clutch.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform that covers thousands of advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and video production companies. We’re proud to be included in their research, and we can’t wait to see where our clients’ comments take us moving forward.