Luminoustudios Featured Among Top Video Production Companies

It’s hard to imagine a day without video. Whether on a smartphone, a computer, or walking around in the “real world”, consumers are constantly faced with informative, entertaining or promotional videos. This engaging marketing channel has started to replace the traditional copy and still images.

It’s no wonder that businesses are relying on video production companies to help them get their messages across. At Luminoustudios, we’re lucky to work with some amazing clients on their narrative, explainer, crowdfunding, testimonial, and animation videos. Recently, our hard work has started to pay off!


Showcasing Dreams

We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a nonprofit that helps young people across the country discover their ambition. When this nonprofit ran their summer IT camp for technology and coding, they decided to produce a video that showcased the student experience.

“We wanted a studio production team that could provide a lot of those resources and do a lot of the leg work, but they also needed to work with us in understanding our narrative.”

We were thrilled that we could fit their needs.


Making Voices Heard

We helped our partner develop storyboards and scripts that would share their narrative. Focusing on a single student, we identified several moments in the camp that we wanted to capture, and we walked our partner through our vision.


Spreading the Message

We’re excited to report that the video was a highlight for our client, our client’s partner, and the students. In the words of our client:

“One of the things [our partner] talked about was how happy they were with our choice of focusing on one student and their progress throughout the program, rather than just day-to-day activities. They were impressed with being able to really hear that student’s voice because it was important to them that they could communicate at large and with their internal colleagues about the value of their work.”


Working Together:

 For our team, it’s about more than the end result. We love to keep our partners happy throughout our work together, and it seems we achieved that:

 “There’s a baseline in any production studio that hiring a good team is important. The camera people need to be creative, dedicated, and really focused on their work. Luminoustudios provides all of this, and they also have all the foundational elements needed to succeed.”

It was a thrill to work with such a purposeful client, and we couldn’t be more grateful of their kind words about our work. These comments and more are a part of our Clutch.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform that covers thousands of advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and video production companies. We’re proud to be included in their research, and we can’t wait to see where our clients’ comments take us moving forward.

From Cardboard to Pornography: How VR is Shaping the Future

By: Janine Kim

If you go onto Google and search up the term “Virtual Reality”, you will see piles of articles about this new keyword that are literally published just hours apart. You will also most likely see buzzwords like SXSW (South by Southwest Interactive Conference) and GDC (Game Developer Conference), which are basically the two biggest festivals for video game and interactive digital media geeks. Usually there is one product that steals the limelight. This year, that product, or world is the more accurate term, was virtual reality.

Forget for a moment the constantly predicted trends of automation and artificial intelligence taking away jobs - VR looks like it’s here a lot sooner than that. Oculus Rift, recently acquired by Facebook, launched its 30 VR games today, on March 28th. HTC’s Vive will be launched in April. Sony’s Playstation is planning to launch their new VR series in October, and even that move was described as slow by critics, saying there was a possibility that competitors might swallow up the market by then. However, Sony’s VR will be able to hook up to the Playstation, eliminating the extra cost of purchasing a computer sophisticated enough to accommodate gear like the Oculus Rift. The overall Virtual Reality market, including VR-compatible PCs, gaming consoles, headsets, and other related devices, is predicted to be worth “$30 billion over the next five years”, as AMD Chief Executive Lisa Su proclaims.

What if I don’t play computer games? You might ask. However, there was something slightly different about the craze surrounding this year’s favored trend, unlike when the Wii came out. As one experiential user summed it up, “VR is the way people will want to experience the world, not just video games. It’s inevitable - VR is the future. Once you experience it, there’s no going back. It’s a level of immersion that once you get used to, you won’t want it any other way. We’re just on the tip of the iceberg.” Imagine your future children, without needing any knowledge of coding, being able to create their own virtual world through this technology. Interestingly enough, this new technology has the potential to widen economic and educational disparity in user technology, narrow it, or do both.

Depending on how quickly VR can become affordable and accessible for the middle to lower economic classes, it can become a breakthrough tool for them to create and change the world. An example of something similar already happening is the Google cardboard product ( Of course, its quality isn’t the best and its functions are limited compared to the much more expensive VR headsets. However, it is easy-to-use, fun, and most importantly, dirt cheap ($15). Even McDonald’s has caught on by transforming their Happy Meal boxes into VR cardboard goggles (

As with all future-forward technology, there are drawbacks - important, almost sinister drawbacks. As much as VR proves to be an exciting new development in user technology, it also takes cyber bullying to a whole new level. Whereas before users could only chat obscene and offensive words to each other while playing, they can now sexually harass or even attack other users. It is also rather discouraging that virtual reality porn and virtual reality sex are two of the top 10 keywords searched in regards to VR online.

However, even with some scrutiny surrounding VR, it cannot be denied that it opens up many exciting doors into the future. Just which path it will take us into the future, however, critically depends on the next few years of its early and fast development. Keep an eye out for not only the three hyped-up products all coming out this year (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony’s Playstation VR), but also take note of how major corporations like Facebook, Apple, and Google move to integrate this new technology into their products.


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